The right to use StethoMe electronic stethoscope

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StethoMe® is the first system to detect abnormalities in the respiratory tract.

The StethoMe® mobile app, based on medical artificial intelligence algorithms, analyses sounds recorded with an electronic stethoscope. The StethoMe system immediately informs the user of any detected abnormalities and the presence of wheezes in the respiratory tract. It allows to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and to optimise the doses of medications administered.

It is a professional lung examination that you can perform by yourself at home.

How does it work?

The system is based on simultaneous measurement of a number of respiratory parameters that are important in the course of asthma and change when the condition is exacerbated. If any of the parameters is outside the normal range, StethoMe will let you know immediately.

StethoMe is a precision system that effectively:

  1. Detects wheezes and rhonchi that occur when the bronchi are narrowed or obturated.
  2. Measures the respiratory rate (RR).
  3. Measures the heart rate, i.e. the pulse (BPM).
  4. Determines the inhalation/exhalation ratio.

Learn about all the benefits of StethoMe!

  1. An easy to use system tailored to the needs of children from the age of one.
  2. Simply apply the stethoscope at one site on the chest for 30 seconds.
  3. Artificial intelligence accurately analyses the sounds from the lungs, and you get instant information about your child’s health.
  4. The system helps you to correctly perform the examination: it shows you how to do it and controls the noise level that may affect the result.
  5. The app retains examination results and recordings as well as emerging symptoms to create a medical history. This helps to treat the patient effectively and minimise the doses of administered medications.
  6. Once the examination is finished, you can generate a link with the results. You can share the link with your physician by email or text message and consult them without leaving your home.
  7. The StethoMe stethoscope and StethoMe® AI algorithms are professional medical devices designed for patient use. Their quality was confirmed by a CE medical certificate and scientific research.
How to use StethoMe?

StethoMe does not require you to have any specialised knowledge or skills!

It only takes three simple steps to do examine your child:

  1. Turn on the stethoscope and the StethoMe app on your mobile device.
  2. Place the stethoscope on your child’s chest for 30 seconds. The system will guide you step by step how to do it, and if there is an error in the measurement, it will inform you where to correct the recording. You will also receive an alert if the room is too noisy.
  3. Let the artificial intelligence do the work for you, analyse the sounds and provide you with the result right away. Add the symptoms you observed to the result and information about the medications given, and send them to your physician if in doubt.

And you’re done!

With StethoMe, you can take care of your child’s health quickly and effectively!