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StethoMe® is no ordinary stethoscope. It is a comprehensive and innovative service to help you control your child’s asthma symptoms more effectively.

By buying StethoMe®, you will receive a certified electronic stethoscope and gain access to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Possibility to perform conventional auscultation of the patient Works like an electronic medical stethoscope. After you connect headphones, you can perform an auscultatory examination just like with a conventional stethoscope. Two auscultation modes available: heart and lungs.i
Asthma monitoring StethoMe helps detect asthma exacerbations. It detects pathological sounds such as wheezes and rhonchi, monitors respiratory rate, heart rate and inspiration/expiration ratio.i
Lung auscultation With StethoMe, you can perform complete auscultation of the lungs (in many points on the chest). This functionality is useful during cold, flu, pneumonia and bronchitis or COVID-19. StethoMe will automatically tell you if there are any abnormal breath sounds.i
Access to the StethoMe mobile app With the StethoMe app, you can perform professional auscultation yourself. The system monitors correctness of the examination and shows you what to do step by step. The app displays the result of the analysis performed by AI and allows you to quickly share the data with your physician. The app works with selected phones. Check if your phone is listed as compatible in the FAQ section.i
Storing patient history in the cloud All of your examinations are stored in the StethoMe Cloud, where they are kept securely, creating a patient’s medical history. This is important information for your physician because it allows them to monitor the condition over time.i
Sharing data with your physician You can share examination results along with the recorded sounds with anyone (doctor, family) by simply sending a link in an email or text message.i
Unlimited number of patient profiles You may examine as many patients as you wish on your account. You can create a separate profile for each family member and monitor their health separately.i

How long is the warranty period?
The warranty is valid for 24 months. Please check our warranty page for more information.

What phones support the StethoMe® app?
The StethoMe® app is available for IOS 11+ (iPhone) and for Android 5.0+ phones.

Is it possible to return the device?
Yes, it is possible to return the device in accordance with the European law. Please check our terms and conditions for more information.

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